Sensai Sam Bird 4th Dan , Instructor & Founding Member

I began karate training in 1992 at the age of 11 and I’ve been hooked ever since! As I child I looked up to the adult British team and remember how this spurred my ambition to compete at an international level, the rest as they say is history…
I went on to achieve my Shodan (black belt) in 1999 and then selected to represent my country; gaining gold, silver and bronze medals in countless European events. Having competed at the highest level, I turned my thoughts towards how I could educate the next generation, to pass on my experiences and passion for the discipline through my own teachings and thus Tori Shukokai was formed

Over the years, I have the opportunity to train with many karate instructors they are as followed.
• Renshi Archie Gresson 7th Dan (AMA National Referee and head of Takimura Karate Federation) how has been my karate instructor since I started.
• Hanshi Terry Wingrove 9th Dan (Justus International)
• Sensei Peter Allen 8th Dan (AMA international)

Also over the years I have train with:
• Sensei Eddie Daniels 8th Dan (Chief Instructor of SKF Kimura Shukokai Karate), and also Lionel Marinus 8th Dan, Chris Thompson 8th Dan and Bill Bressaw 8th Dan how all are joint Chief instructors of KSI international.
• Greg Francis 5th Dan – fit to fight and former WKF European and world medallist.
• OBE Tickie Donovan 9th Dan – EKF (former English are you are you are you are we are a national coach).
• OBE Wayne Otto 5th Dan – WKF former 9-times world champion.
• Mandie Read 6th Dan(All-Styles karate Alliance) – SKF and WUKF European and world champion.

Tori Shukokai are members to the following Organisations Takimura and AMA (Amateur Martial Association) AMA are the largest multi-styled karate organisations in the country and though the AMA we are Affiliated to:

WUKF (World Union of Karate – Do Federation)


UWK (United World Karate)

And now karate in England has a fully functional New governing body called Karate England this will open up many opportunities for our members in the future including the Olympics. Which has been something that Sport karate has wanted for many years.

History of karate is subject that I have been recently looking into as you will see below you can trace our club all the way back to the beginning and follow the lines back to where karate originally started in Okinawa.

Sensei Sam is DBS checked and First Aid trained.